Character - Competence - Commitment

With over 75 years of experience serving clients and solving complex legal problems, Abel Bean Law applies the highest standards of reasoned analysis, sound judgment and effective advocacy, and is the right firm to address and resolve wide-ranging legal challenges.

Guided by these fundamental values, Abel Bean Law specializes in Civil Litigation and General Counsel Services.

With over 75 combined years of serving clients and solving complex legal problems, the professionals at Abel Bean Law, PA are uniquely situated to address wide-ranging legal challenges thoughtfully, intelligently, and swiftly.  This includes “preventive law” (pre-solving issues to reduce costs and litigation risks) all the way through the trial and appellate process.

We offer each client the personalized dedication, flexibility, convenience and value that only a smaller law firm can provide, and we understand what it means to provide superior legal services efficiently.

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution:

Abel Bean Law provides clients with comprehensive legal representation at competitive rates and innovative fee structures for civil litigation, dispute resolution, trials and appeals specializing in:

Commercial Litigation
Real Estate Litigation
Trust and Estate Litigation
Corporate Litigation
City of Jacksonville Policy Matters
Representation of Executive and Senior Management-Level Employees
Local Counsel Services

General Counsel Services:

Our innovative General Counsel Program allow business owners to focus on running their business, while Abel Bean Law focuses on the many day-to-day legal matters that may arise.

Established business owners and entrepreneurs have discovered that our General Counsel Program serves as a reliable in-house partner and specialized resource that provides customized solutions without the anxiety of billable hourly pricing. For either a monthly retainer or other flexible pricing arrangements, our General Counsel services are an easily accessible and affordable legal resource for small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups.